středa 19. března 2014

Rozhovor s Pavlem Smržem z VUT o tom proč a jak se VUT zapojilo do projektu SCAPE

Na blogu OPF je rozhovor s Pavlem Smržem z VUT v Brně, který se od září 2013 podílí na projektu SCAPE:

"I lead a work package dealing with the Data Centre Testbed. Together with other new project partners, we aim at extending the current SCAPE development towards preserving large-scale computing experiments that take place in modern data centres. Our team particularly focuses on preservation scenarios and workflows related to large-scale video processing and interlinking."

"My experience shows that “one-size-fits-all” solutions are often too scary to be used. Although funding agencies believe opposite, research and development project seldom deliver solutions that could be used as a whole. It is often the case that what seemed to be a minor contribution becomes the next big thing for business. I believe that at least some components developed within the project have this great potential."

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