středa 22. listopadu 2017

středa 1. listopadu 2017

zajímavý nástroj: isolyzer

Isolyzer verifies if the file size of a CD / DVD image ("ISO image") is consistent with the information in its filesystem-level headers. The following file systems are supported:
ISO 9660
Universal Disk Format (UDF)
Apple Hierarchical File System (HFS)
Apple HFS+
Hybrids of the above file systems, e.g. ISO 9660 + HFS; UDF Bridge (UDF + ISO 9660)

Isolyzer uses the information in the filesystem-level headers to calculate the expected file size (typically based on a block size field and a number of blocks field). This is then compared against the actual file size, which can be useful for detecting incomplete (e.g. truncated) ISO images. Isolyzer also extracts and reports some technical metadata from the filesystem-level headers.

30.11. 2017 International Digital Preservation Day!