pátek 5. května 2023

Konference No Time to Wait v Praze, 8. až 10. listopadu 2023

 Konference No Time to Wait mimo jiné zaměřená na audiovisual preservation tentokrát v Praze v kině Ponrepo pod patronací NFA. 



We're thrilled to announce that the 7th No Time to Wait will be hosted by the Národní filmový archiv and MediaArea.net on November 8th - 10th, 2023 at Kino NFA Ponrepo in Prague.

Since 2016, the No Time to Wait conference has worked to draw people together from the realms of open media development, open standards, and audiovisual preservation with a focus on problem-solving, skill-sharing, and productive cross-community entanglements. Resources (slides and presentations) from prior No Time to Wait conferences are available at https://mediaarea.net/NoTimeToWait and https://www.youtube.com/@MediaAreaNet/playlists.

No Time to Wait strives to sustain this conference as a free registration event through efficient and transparent budgeting and via the generosity of our hosts and sponsors. NTTW remains free, however for those with institutional support or abundant generosity we're offering optional registration fees to help make No Time to Wait sustainable. 

Please see the No Time to Wait 7 website for more information, or the conference announcement from last year's livestream or our recent twitter announcement. Our registration form and call for proposals are open and we really hope you can join us.

As before, thanks enormously to our sponsors:

Please follow our hashtag, #nttw7, for more information. If you'd like to consider sponsoring No Time to Wait or have suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.

Best Regards,

NTTW Organizing Committee
Valeria Dávila
Alessandra Luciano
Jérôme Martinez
Dave Rice

NTTW Host Committee
Adela Kudlova