sobota 26. srpna 2017

NLA Digital Preservation Knowledge Base

Článek o knowledge base, o níž mluvil Libor na jaře v Praze:

Backing up digital preservation practice with empirical research
The National Library of Australia’s Digital Preservation Knowledge Base
Gareth Kay, Libor Coufal,Mark Pearson
Digital Preservation Unit, National Library of Australia, Canberra, AustraliaThis article introduces the National Library of Australia’s Digital Preservation Knowledge Base which helps the Library to manage digital objects from its collections over the long term. The Knowledge Base includes information on file formats, rendering software, operating systems, hardware and, most importantly, the relationships between them. Most of the work on the Knowledge Base over the last few years has been focused on the mapping of functional relationships between file formats, their versions and software applications. The information is gathered through unique empirical research and is initially being recorded in a multiple-worksheet Excel file in a semi-structured format, though development of a prototype graph database is underway.

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