úterý 25. dubna 2017

Archivace IETF/ISOC RFC - konec papíru....

Možná byste čekali, že zrovna tenhle typ materiálu (RFC) ani nikdy papírovou dobou neprošel, ale ouha. Teprve nedávno vydaná RFC 81533 - Digital Preservation Considerations for the RFC Series s papírem definitivně končí.

RFC editor ma zjevně zkušenosti se ztrátami dat (In the past, nearly 800 RFCs had to be manually transcribed from paper back to electronic format due to a failed server migration and insufficient backups), a teď se chce obejit úplně bez papíru.

Dokument stojí za přečtení celý, ale zde uvedu jen:

For most of the existence of the RFC Series, the digital preservation process has been fairly simple, focusing on bitstream preservation and relying on paper copies of digital files. 
Given the need to balance cost and complexity with retention of information for historic, legal, and informational purposes, preservation efforts should focus on the XML canonical format files, the PDF/A-3 format files, the xml2rfc tool and its documentation, and at least two PDF reader applications capable of extracting the embedded XML. Care should be taken that the software being included in this archive has a provision for free copies for backup or archival purposes. All other formats and the overall computing environment should be stored as described in "best effort" data retention (Section 2.4.1), which should in turn be described in the appropriate vendor contract for the RFC Publisher. 


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